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Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is deservedly considered one of the most attractive places for living, leisure and business. Annually hundreds of thousands of tourists from all around the world come here to enjoy the excellent climate, relax on one of the comfortable fully equipped beaches and to immerse into the luxurious atmosphere and comfort of 5-star hotels.

Since the ancient times, despite the relatively small size, Cyprus has been of an outstanding historical significance. Due to its favorable geographic location in the Mediterranean, throughout the course of history the island has been passed from hand to hand, while remaining on the edge of various empires. While having gained its independence in 1960, already in 1974 Cyprus was factually divided into Greek and Turkish territories. The Republic of Cyprus is officially a member of the European Union since 2004.

The majority of ethnic Greeks, who are the main part of the island’s population, profess Orthodox Christianity.

In northern Cyprus, inhabited by Turks, the main religion is Islam. Besides the Orthodox Church, such confessions as Judaism, Catholicism, Maronite, Armenian Church and many others, are represented in the territory of Cyprus. According to legislation, all religions are considered legally equal and all the people are free to choose their religion.


Comfortable stay for tourists

The natural beauty, many attractions, curative climate and low prices – comparing to European standards, make Cyprus a very attractive place for holidays or permanent residence.

You can rent a property in any city in Cyprus, which, by the way, is much more affordable and more comfortable than a hotel room. For those of you, who prefer quiet family vacation, suit a secluded beachfront villa or apartment in a gated complex with a swimming pool.The nightlife connoisseurs can choose for themselves a cozy nest not far away from the noisy discos and lively bars.

For those involved in sports or simply lead an active lifestyle, Cyprus offers a huge range of water sports as well as magnificent golf courses. In winter, the island becomes a true mecca for cycling teams, football players and other athletes who come for a few months of training taking advantage of the mild favorable climate of Cyprus.

The citizenship of the country, which is officially a member of the European Union since 2004, provides visa-free entry to 158 countries, including all countries of the European Union, Great Britain, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and South Africa. Citizens of Cyprus can quickly get a visa in the USA for up to 10 years. The ability to travel without visas is an invaluable advantage for both business and family people. In addition to the rights of free movement for purposes of residence, work and education, the family benefits to use the national health, justice and social security system. Every year, the number of people wishing to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus is growing.


Why Cyprus:

  • 350 sunshine days a year;
  • European standard education;
  • 90% English-speaking population;
  • lowest taxes in Europe;
  • rich cultural and historic traditions;
  • the cleanest and the safest beaches in Europe;
  • permanent residency and EU citizenship for property buyers;
  • beautiful nature and picturesque landscapes;
  • lowest crime rate in Europe;
  • expected economic boom due to the anticipated development of gas reserves and the construction of a casino.

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