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Two bedroom apartment in Mesa Geitonia


Two bedroom apartment under construction, located in Mesa Geitonia. The size is 101 sq. m. covered area of which, 20 sq. m. are covered verandas.


General Project Technical Specifications

Design / Design (Anti-Seismic, Electrical / Mechanical, MEA) in accordance with modern European Regulations and Annexes of the Republic of Cyprus.
‘Class B’ Energy Performance Certificate.
Thermal insulation with extruded polystyrene on the exterior walls and slabs that are in contact with the outside.
Soundproofing with extruded 5 cm thick polystyrene on double walls between apartments.
Category C30 concrete in frame and perimeter walls in general.
European standard B500C structural steel.
Masonry made of conventional bricks 10x25x30 cm outside and 10x20x30 cm inside.
Coats. Three hands traditional plaster on interior walls, three hands spatula on ceilings, three hands enamel paint on all interior surfaces.
Acrylic graphic in the color of the architect’s choice on the exterior surfaces of the building.
High quality waterproofing on the ground floor exterior walls, floor-to-ceiling, apartment terraces and under showers and bathtubs.
Interior floors. Ceramic market. worth 20 euros / sq.m. in all apartment interiors.
Exterior floors / terraces. Ceramics with a purchase value of 18 euros / sq.m.
Common staircase floor. Granite architect’s choice
White architect’s choice of sanitary ware, mechanisms and top quality mixers.
Melamine woodwork.
Granite countertop kitchen counter top. worth 160 euros / sq.m.
Aluminum / Glass. Sliding balcony doors and windows MU3000 series, MU2500 series windows opening, all with double glazing (Low-e exterior glass).
Provides roller blinds on all windows.
Protective glass railings on floor balconies.
Metal railings at the residential entrance and parking lot entrance.
Electrical installation in accordance with EAC regulations and standards.
Telephone installation and Internet compliance with CYTA regulations.
Hydraulic installation with plastic pipes (pipe-in-pipe).
Provision of AC air conditioning units in all apartment areas (except sanitary areas).
Provisions for installing electric heating in each unit.
Each apartment has a 150 lt solar water heater, a high pressure copper, two solar panels, a pressure pump and an 800 lt plastic tank.
Rainwater well and modern central well drainage system for future connection with saline.
All apartments have covered parking.

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